First Weekends Events at West Bottoms Historic District in Kansas City

Quality Antiques

Looking for something special? Mid Century item perhaps? We have more than a dozen stores with unique items.

Reputable Vendors

With more than a dozen antique shops, you can surely find something that sparks your memory at grandma's house.

Convenient Location

Free parking and security patrol make the West Bottoms a great family experience in the Kansas City downtown area.

Excellent Prices

All of our shops have specialty exhibits from local vendors, with new items put on display every week.

Free Admission

We do not charge for events, we simply look forward to every weekend of the year to share our vintage collectibles.

Buy & Sell

We are always entertaining new antique vendors who want to share a unique collection of vintage items so come down and visit us.

West Bottoms Antiques Welcomes You

The West Bottoms of Kansas City has been a central marketplace dating back the early 19th century. Each building tells a tale about the arrival of various commerce and trade groups. It was the first real marketplace on the Missouri River that helped to develop the beginning of the western immigration and Mexican trade points. The new century of commerce is based on reclaimed, repurposed and vintage items that are one of a kind items including collectibles that cannot be found anywhere else in the region. We provide the ultimate urban shopping experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the city. We have so many unique stores and shops, you must come down and find out for yourself. Every store has multiple vendors with unique items as well as reclaimed furniture for your living space.

Join us downtown in the Historic West Bottoms District where you will find a world of vintage repurposed items reclaimed by antique lovers and vintage collectors. We all collect something that is meaningful, but the most unique items can only be found in the original downtown hub of the midwest.